2023-10-18 15:02:29

Germas Community Outreach for Stunting Prevention and Non-Communicable Disease Screening in Collaboration with Commission IX DPR RI


Polkesbaya in collaboration with Commission IX DPR RI held the Germas community socialization on Stunting Prevention program on Saturday (14/10). This activity was the 17th of 22 activities in 2023, and was carried out in Kedurus Village, Karangpilang District, Surabaya. The event was opened by Vice Director II Polkesbaya.

Socialization on stunting prevention was delivered by speakers from the Public Health Office of East Java, Nurul Janatul Laili, SKM and from the DPW PPNI of East Java, Dyah Wijayanti, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kep. In this activity, non-communicable disease screening was also carried out, including checking height, checking body weight, checking abdominal circumference, checking blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
This activity is expected to help the government program in reducing stunting rates and also reducing the number of sufferers of non-communicable diseases in Indonesia.