2023-10-05 15:51:48

Polkesbaya Wins Overall Champion of National Electromedicine Week (PENA) 2023


Students from the Polkesbaya Electro-medical Technology Department brought back a rotating trophy as General Champion in the National Electromedicine Week (PENA) Electromedic Innovation Competition 2023 which was held on 22 – 24 June 2023 at the Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta II. Polkesbaya won 1st place, Best System, Best Design, and 3rd place in the Life Support category, 3rd place in the IT Health Care category, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Calibration category.
The students representing Polkesbaya in this event were Najwa Auliyaa Rahmawati, Dzulhij Aulia Akbar, and M. Ikhsan Firmansyah, with supervisor Anita Miftahul Maghfiroh, SST, MT who won First Place, Best System, and Best Design in the Life Support category. Third place was won by Anisia Yunita Maulani Argumery and Henrikus Pramudia with supervisor Abd. Kholiq, SST, MT.
In the IT Health Care category, Polkesbaya was represented by Nabila Surraya Saidah, Nurdiansyah Wahyu B.P, and Riqqah Dewiningrum with supervisor Ir. Priyambada Cahya Nugraha, MT and won third place. Apart from that, Polkesbaya won all the trophies in the Calibration category. First place was won by the team of Ahmad Ristom Alyafi, Dimas Kurniawan Listyono, and Aurellia Luhtitasari with supervisor Muhammad Ridha Mak'ruf, ST, M.Si, who also won Best System and Best Design. Second place was won by Wendy Janupriadi, Revan Armiga Muda Firmansyah, and Muhammad AthThariq with supervisor Andjar Pudji, ST, MT. Third place was won by the team of Silvi Dwi Septiana, Salsabilla Kusuma Maulani, and Ega Purnama Putra with supervisor Syaifudin, ST, MT.
The Director and the entire academic community of the Ministry of Health Surabaya Health Polytechnic would like to congratulate you on your achievements. Hopefully it will be useful in improving student competence and also useful in improving the reputation of the Surabaya Ministry of Health Polytechnic.