2023-04-12 15:39:23

Work meeting


The Surabaya Ministry of Health Poltekkes held a Work Meeting I of 2023 on 15-17 February 2023. The work meeting was held at the Atria Hotel Malang and was attended by the Director, Deputy Directors, Head of SPI, Head of Academic and General Affairs, Head of Center, Head of Department, Secretary of Department , Head of Study Program, Head of Academic Subdivision, Head of Unit, Head of Installation, Functional Group Coordinator, Coordinator at the central level and technical manager within the Surabaya Ministry of Health Polytechnic. The theme of the work meeting was "Through the Development of Supporting Infrastructure in Supporting the Synergized Leap of Innovation and the Transformation of Polkesbaya towards Global Quality".
At the work meeting, the performance achievements for 2022 and the performance contracts for 2023 were explained. In addition, there was a presentation on OBE-based curriculum development and MBKM implementation strategies by Masfuri, S.Kp, MN from the University of Indonesia. On the second day, material on strategies for developing self-awareness and self-motivation in creating a globally competitive Polkesbaya was delivered by Dr. R Prihandjojo Andri Putranto. The last speaker at the work meeting was the Director General of Health Workers, drg. Arianti Anaya, MKM who explained about the transformation of the Ministry of Health Poltekkes.